CodingDojo Introduction

#CodingDojo session was first invented in Paris in 2004 by the XP (eXtreme Programming) community. The aim of these sessions is to enhance the coding skills of attendees by doing some very small exercices in a funny atmosphere. This is like when you want to practice a sport like Judo, you need to practice some basic exercices with some judo masters before doing serious business like competitions. There are usually two styles of exercices :

  • Kata prepared by someone before the session and executed in front of the public or
  • Randori, a more exploraty form of a Kata where the whole group participates.

About the philosophy of organizing a CodingDojo :

More information are available here:

First CodingDojo session in Hanoi : Saturday, April 16th 2011, 2pm => 4pm

Ha Noi #CodingDojo Organizers: Dương “Yang” Hà Nguyễn + Serge Stinckwich

Location: CNF Hanoi, Viện Tin học Pháp ngữ (IFI), ngõ 42 Tạ Quang Bửu, quận Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

Program of the first session (same format as the #CodingDojo from Paris):

 1. 5 min: Select the frequency and the date of the next #CodingDojo
 2. 20-30 min: Presentation of what is a #CodingDojo (Serge) 
    For the next session, this time slot will be used to do a retrospective of the previous session.
 3. 10 min: Decide on a topic for this session
 4. 40 min: code (Kata or Randori)
 5. 5-10 min: Mid-session break to discuss how things are going
 6. 40 min: code (Kata or Randori)

The sessions will be completely language agnostic. The programming languages chosen at each session will depend of the attendees.

Report of the CodingDojo 1 (Serge Stinckwich)

The first edition of the CodingDojo in Ha Noi was a great success with more than 10 attendees.

We didn't success to solve completely our first problem: Tennis Kata (scoring in tennis games, using Python language), but probably most of the people who joined really enjoyed the venue.

I put the pictures of Coding Dojo here:

The Python code of the first randori session is available on github: with an MIT licence.

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