Cuộc họp thứ 9 của HanoiLUG, ngày thứ bảy 31 tháng 12/2005, vào lúc 14 giờ chiều.

The 9th meeting was scheduled on Saturday 31st of December, at 2 p.m.

Not many people did show up :

We just shared our food stuffs together, while doing surfing on the internet (Thai) and other jobs (Quynh), with a musical background of Dire Straits, Montreux Jazz Festival etc., played with GXine on Puppy Linux 1.0.6

Finally, we separated each other and wished everyone a

**Happy New Year 2006** !

Report of the previous meeting (26th November 2005)

The report of the previous meeting is under completion, it can be read here .

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