What is HanoiLUG?

  • HanoiLUG stands for “Hanoi Linux users group” i.e. “Users of Linux living in Hanoi”
    • actually open to “People using and/or interested in GNU/Linux living in Hanoi”
    • and more generally interested in all subjects around FLOSS in Vietnam
  • HanoiLUG is an informal group, this means that it is not an official organization
    • it’s rather a “network” of people: there is no formal membership, elections, etc
    • joining HanoiLUG is just subscribing to its mailing-list to get informed/involved into proposed activities and participate in the discussions around topics that may interest “members” of the LUG

HanoiLUG history

  • first unofficial meetings as soon as in 2002, in some Hanoi “Bia Hoi”
  • then officially founded as part of the C3LD project from AUF
    • C3LD: Centre Linux et Logiciels Libres pour le Developpement
    • promoting FLOSS communities in developing countries
  • first official meeting (May 7th 2005) ⇒ decision to meet at least once a month
  • since 2006, people meet less regularly but sometimes more often depending on real needs

Who is in HanoiLUG?

  • a few names from back in 2002 (in no specific order, and missing some):
    • Thanh (BV Bach Mai), ChaiRuou, JC, Stefan Probst, …
  • a few names from the first official meeting in 2005 (to complete):
    • Vu Do Quynh (AUF), Le Quoc Thai (IOIT), Thanh (BV Bach Mai), Dang Minh Tuan (VietKey), Trung (National University), Ninh (Espace), JC (AUF), …
  • some of most active people recently (I surely forget some names here…):
    • Vu Do Quynh (AUF), David Tremblay (NGO Resource Center), Le Xuan Thao (Freelance), Le Quoc Thai (IOIT), JC (AUF), Max (Swiss), Nguyen Hong Quang (IFI), Huy Hoang (HUT), …
    • and some newcomers: Nguyẽn Đình Trung (iWay), Stephane Masse (?), …
  • some people subscribed to HanoiLUG but not living in Hanoi:
    • Nguyen Vu Hung, living in Japan (very active on M-L)
    • Clytie Siddall, living in Australia (translation leader)
    • PCclouds, in Saigon (translations & developments)
    • Francisco Sarmiento III from Philippines (simply interested in knowing what our LUG does)
    • a lot more…

What do HanoiLUG people do?

  • discussions, recommendations, information/news sharing through:
  • meet together (usually on Saturday) as needed/asked to work on a particular topic
    • organize “Software Freedom Day” activities
    • organize “Install Parties”
    • Informal parties or launch event
    • Work together on project
  • main topics: work on “Real Life” problems!
    • promote FLOSS by distributing CD at production cost or for free
    • Vietnamese Input Method project (formerly x-unikey, now SCIM)
    • Vietnamese dictionary/spelling project (formerly aspell, now hunspell)
    • support localization, eg: Debian/Ubuntu and some OOo documentation translation
    • Ubuntu-vi: promote localized environment by integrating translation works
    • APT repository: help FLOSS development by making the installation easier
    • OvniConv & TTTUConv: help the move to FLOSS with tools to convert old documents
    • Provide answer to some questions asked by the more/less newbies through the mailing list
  • actually helping on federating (not controlling!) FLOSS activities in Vietnam by giving recommendations on important topics such as: OOXML vs ODF, using localized softwares, which distribution for which goal, which software for which need, …

How can HanoiLUG help business?

  • A LUG doesn't aim to make business in itself - in fact it is better if it stays independant
  • A LUG is an ideal structure for sharing information/ideas
  • A LUG is part of the “ecosystem” of Free software it is the support for real people in real life
  • The LUG FLOSS promotion work helps developing the FLOSS market
  • The LUG will never be able to provide global user support for the whole Vietnam neither even just for one single company – it's a real time and resource consuming work – but the LUG will help listing FLOSS service companies and provide this list (just putting it public on the wiki) to asking people

Reminder: how to join?

  • Just subscribe to the mailing-list: http://lists.hanoilug.org/
  • Stay subscribed! Even if you receive boring english messages, staying subscribed is (currently) the only way to get informed of important events!
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