Free Software Accessibility (a11y) Project

The a11y initiative is started by few individuals interested in providing better accessibility software for people with disabilities in Vietnam. The first meeting of the groups was held on November 27, 2010. Current the first tasks is to evaluate the state of a11y support in Vietnamese desktop environment.

If you are interested please feel free to add new tasks and add your name if you are working on existing task.

Testing Espeak Vietnamese

Espeak package is available on most gnu/Linux distributions. You use the package manager to install the espeak package. You can get the latest espeak sources from espeak website (

To test a word or sentence, type the following command on the terminal.

espeak -vvi “CÁC TIN”

Alternative you can let espeak read out a file.

espeak -vvi -f /path/to/viettest.txt

More command line options can be found on espeak website. (

Starting Orca on the Ubuntu Live CD

1. Once you've downloaded and burned the live CD image, insert it into your CD/DVD drive and reboot your computer. After about 15 seconds you can press space to go to the language selection list. At this point, you have about 30 seconds to perform the next step. If you do not perform the next step quickly, Ubuntu will automatically continue booting.

2. Press enter to select English.

3. In order to enable accessibility options, press F5. This will cause a list of accessibility options to appear:

  • None (has focus)
  • High Contrast
  • Magnifier
  • Screen Reader
  • Keyboard Modifiers
  • On-screen Keyboard

4. If you want to try Orca, you should press 3 to give focus to Screen Reader, followed by Enter to indicate your selection. You will be returned to the boot options screen then press Enter again to indicate you would like to boot.

5. Within a few minutes, Ubuntu will be loaded with Orca running and you will hear a greeting such as “Welcome to Orca. Orca Preferences. Tab list. General page.”



  1. Create Vietnamese version of Vinux 3.1 Image ( Assigned to arky)
  2. Localization of Orca (Assigned to Chung Bui and software GUI translation done by tuanta)
  3. Translate Gnome Accessibility Guide ( (done by Lê Trung Nghĩa)
  4. Test Speakup integration in newer kernels (Assigned to Yang)
  5. Contribute to espeak Vietnamese language
  6. Identify alternative Vietnamese TTS systems
  7. Adopt any one Gnome applications for localization and a11y testing (Application list –>
  8. Test NVDA portable images with Vietnamese content and input system?


The Team

  • Truong Anh Tuan
  • Arky (from India)
  • Khuc Hai Van (visually impaired person - the Light center)
  • Phan Trong Khanh
  • Yang Ha Nguyen
  • Le Trung Nghia
  • Hong D. Tran
  • Nguyen Vu Hung
  • Lilly Nguyen (from US)
  • Pham Ngoc Bac
  • Bui Dang Chung
  • … and our friends in community


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