This page is about the production of Ubuntu-vi, a vietnamese dedicated version of Ubuntu.

Warning: this is “Work In Progress”™ ! it means: more to come soon… :-)

Goal: provide a well-integrated GNU/Linux distribution for vietnamese end-users


  • start from standard Ubuntu CD using Ubuntu Customization Kit to remaster it
  • integrate as much vietnamese translation work as possible
  • integrate all those f*cking restricted formats because people still need it
  • integrate some usefull software specific for vietnamese people (StarDict, SCIM + M17N, x-unikey ?, …)
  • integrate usefull software in general (Thunderbird, Gaim, …)
  • test, a lot! before distributing!
  • distribute the work through bittorrent (need some more study about trackers)
  • distribute the work through http/ftp/rsync (need to find hosts, because we can't afford this with a good speed at AUF/CNF)
  • Make your usual ipod / creative does work with it. Rythmbox does not cut it (default one), it can read not write, banshee, amarok, songbird can do it.

(note : “integrate” means “add and tune”)


date event comment
2007-04-21 talk about how to do this creation of the ubuntu-vi mailing-list
2007-05-03 preparation of Ubuntu-vi 7.04 rev0 Doh! 1 CD is not enough this time… :-(
New strategy: 2 CDs !
* same goals for the first CD: Vietnamese & multimedia
* addons on the second one (Java, French & English support, …)
2007-05-04 release of Ubuntu-vi 7.04 rev0 distribution through bittorrent at first, then HTTP as soon as we can find mirrors
2007-05-05 Desktop Install Party at CNF distribution of CD to whom may accept the expense of 5000 (~$0.32) for it :-)

Let's do it!

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